MZ72, clothing for men

#bethemanyouare - Be yourself!

Mz72 offers a line of clothes for men who take responsibility and proud of who they are, to wear in all circumstances. Outfits to fully live your desires and your daily adventures. Our brand accompanies the men of today in their lives, whether at work with a chic look, on vacation with comfortable and casual clothes or in the evening with friends in a more casual style. Pants, sweaters, shirts, but also T-shirts, shorts, jackets, belts and other fashion accessories ... And because the modern man is someone who takes responsibility, our sizes range from S to XXXL clothing. #bodypossitive

MZ72 is a french men brand with cloth sizes from s to 3xl.

find your own style with mz72

Tall, strong, powerful, athletic or generous, the man MZ72 does not conform to fashion, it is fashion that adapts to him. He will choose THE style that will reveal it. This is why MZ72 has been dressing since 1972, all those whose size is not in the standard. Mz72 is a French brand that makes fashion accessible to everyone, and that is close to its heart!

Large sizes for all men

Each season, the entire MZ72 team tests their clothing collection in everyday situations, to ensure their comfort and fit. Our goal is to offer you clothes that meet your needs and that suit you. Creating modern and trendy collections that suit you is THE passion of our creative team based in Paris. Creating outfits combining comfort and style is a daily challenge that our designers and graphic designers make it a point of honor to take up. They create clothes with the aim of matching all body types, all bodies. Our goal: your satisfaction. In addition, our shipping costs are free from 50 € of purchase and returns are free, so get started ;)