The adventure is waiting for you

Our brand accompanies the men and women of today in their desire to escape. Adventurers of modern times, constantly looking for new horizons. The Wild Stream offers a line of robust and reliable clothing, to wear in all circumstances to fully live your desires for discoveries.

The Wild Stream is a french brand whose name inspired by adventure, the great outdoors, the unexpected travels.

The outdoor linbe is created to follow you in your moments of life, your sporty breaks.

The clothes of our brand have been designed to be worn everyday. The Wild Stream offers a collection that is both trendy and timeless, ideal for all circumstances. A warm coat, pants, a shirt and some accessories are the perfect look to spend good weekends or holidays in France and abroad.

The Wild Stream, is the brand that allows modern-day adventurers to express their wild instincts according to their desires. Thanks to our clothes, you remain confident at any moment whether in town, at sea or even during your mountain breaks.

Reveal the adventurer who is in you with The Wild Stream! #RevealYourWildSide

Accessible technical quality

Each season we go out to test our products in conditions to ensure their performance to offer you useful and practical clothing that meets your needs during outdoor activities. Our creative team based in Paris does not hesitate to adventure out of their comfort zone to offer you new forms and new technologies. Some are fans of extreme sports or navigation, other are more family hikes style, but all our designers and graphic designers make it a point of honor to satisfy you.

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